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P.S.I. CIO Kathy Musgrave Retires after 28 Years of Technological Guidance

Kathy and Tim Musgrave

It is with both joy and sorrow that we announce the retirement of Kathy Musgrave from Pressure Systems International.

Kathy recently celebrated her 80th birthday and all of her children and grandchildren were in attendance, as well as many friends she had known for over 50 years.  This morning she told her husband Tim Musgrave that she is ready to retire and move on to the next phase of her incredible career as well as slow down and “smell the roses”.


Kathy started her career in computer science and IT in the late 1970’s and formed her first company “Computer Aspects” in the early 1980’s – a company she subsequently sold to a private investment company called Netserve for an amount of money that Tim is still trying to comprehend.

In 1995 Kathy offered to help P.S.I. get started in technology and Tim asked her to go meet with Mr. Berry for his OK to have a husband and wife working in the same company.  She went to Corpus Christi, TX for the meeting and Tim then got a call from Mr. Berry.  His comment was that he needed her for 4 to 5 months to help the Berry Companies get their IT in order and then P.S.I. could have her.  At the time, Kathy was President of the San Antonio Association of Information Technology where she had met Tom Sahin.  They have been partners in technology for over 32 years and together set up the incredible technology systems we have here at P.S.I.

Kathy did many amazing things for the city of San Antonio during her career and has numerous accomplishments which the city has recognized her for – all in the technology field.

Here are a few of Kathy's accomplishments:

  • For years she was on a technology talk radio show on weekends at WOAI. 

  • Past President of the San Antonio Toastmasters International. 

  • Kathy received her Master’s Degree in Business Administration from the University of Texas at San Antonio at 58 years old. 

  • Admitted into the Cum Laude Society of Saint Mary’s Hall in San Antonio.

  • Awarded a Certificate of Completion in Lean Manufacturing from UTSA in 2004 (which was a tremendous help to P.S.I. at that time). 

  • Became an Oracle Business Alliance Partner.

  • Kathy was cited with an honorable mention by the first San Antonio North Chamber Business and Technology Summit.  

  • Awarded the Association of Information Professionals Individual Performance Gold award. 

  • Kathy was also quoted in many of the Reseller Management’s Channel Charter articles. 

  • She was featured in an article titled “Kathryn Musgrave Understands Importance of all computer aspects” in the San Antonio Light. 

  • Featured in the Reseller Managements Profiles in Vendor Success article titled “ This Texas VAR’s Riding an Upgrade Wave.” 

  • Kathy published an article in the Computer Economics Report Executive Briefing titled “Server Consolidation: The Move Back To a More Centralized Infrastructure.” as well an article titled “How to manage technology costs in a Difficult Economy”.

Kathy also donated her time to many charities: 

  • Helped Saint Mary’s Hall introduce computer technology to their curriculum in the 1980’s. 

  • Kathy served on the Board of the Cancer Therapy & Research Center. 

  • She served on the Board of the Christus Children’s Hospital.

  • For 7 years she worked one full day a week with the Robert B. Green Hospital and learned Spanish fluently to interpret for the Dr.’s what medical problem the patients were trying to convey.

We will miss her here at P.S.I. and all of us are grateful to Mr. Berry for seeing the future in her eyes and leaving her alone to create the path to technological success for his company.  P.S.I. would not be what it is today without her guidance for what the future continually brought and brings in technology. For that we are eternally grateful.

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