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P.S.I. New Organizational Appointments

For Immediate Release

Pressure Systems International (P.S.I.) New Organizational Appointments

San Antonio, TX (December 1, 2022) P.S.I. has made the following personnel appointments to further strengthen its organization.

James Sharkey has been promoted to president of P.S.I. and will continue to guide the company in new directions, domestically and internationally. Celebrating over 38 years of experience in the commercial vehicle industry, Sharkey previously served as vice president of global sales and marketing and has been with P.S.I. for 10 years.

Tim Musgrave will maintain his role as CEO of P.S.I. Formerly president and CEO, Tim has guided the company since 1993, weathering the changes in the market where P.S.I. has become the global leader in automatic tire inflation systems in the commercial vehicle industry. P.S.I.’s acquisition of Truck System Technologies (TST) in 2016 started with aftermarket sales in the recreational vehicle industry, followed by the industry-first OEM-installed TPMS in the RV segment.

Jonathan Gravell has been promoted to executive vice president of business development. Gravell will work with the sales and engineering team to develop new product innovations in the ever-changing smart vehicle market, focusing on the technical aspects of new products and new business development. The recent P.S.I. acquisition by Clarience Technologies will offer a deeper bench when it comes to smart vehicle technology resources. Gravell has been with P.S.I. for over 10 years.

Bear Musgrave has been promoted to president of TST. In his new role, Musgrave will continue to grow initiatives in the OEM, dealer and end-user segments, along with new innovations in the RV segment. Musgrave has been with TST for over five years and is instrumental in making TST the first TPMS system offered as OEM standard equipment on several major RV model lines.

“As our companies and the market continue to evolve and grow, we are ensuring that we have the right team in place to support our initiatives. We are very proud to have this kind of experience as part of our leadership.”, stated Tim Musgrave, CEO.

About Pressure Systems International, a Clarience Technologies Company

Pressure Systems International (P.S.I.®) is the global leader in onboard tire management systems for commercial vehicles. P.S.I.’s portfolio includes automatic tire inflation systems (ATIS) for commercial trailers, tire pressure monitoring systems (TireView® TPMS), and related (TireView LIVE™) telematics products.


About Truck Systems Technologies, a Clarience Technologies Company

Truck Systems Technologies (TST) offers Tire Pressure Monitoring Systems (TPMS) for the recreational vehicle market, transmitting wireless, real-time tire temperature and pressure readings directly to our wide-screen color displays. It is also the industry's first TPMS supplied as OEM standard equipment on several major RV model lines.


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