Frequently Asked Questions

Q:    What happens when a tire blows out?
A:    Each tire is separated via one way check valves. Air will be flowing to that blown tire and the indicator light will illuminate.

Q:    How do you know if the system is working? Click here to learn more.
A:    Open pet cock on the control box. The light on the front of the trailer will illuminate.

Q:    Where is the gauge?
A:     No gauge. (Inaccurate readings)

Q:    If that o-ring or lip seal fails will it blow out my wheel seal?
A:    Hubcap has vents to allow air to escape without damage to wheelend components.

Q:    If the system keeps putting air in a tire with a nail in it, how will I know there's a nail in the tire?
A:    Light will illuminate on the front of the trailer and stay on.

Q:     Can you put a gauge of some kind there at the hub cap so we can tell it's working?
A:    Yes. Part # 51031-00 is available.

Q:    How much weight will I add to my trailer?
A:     Less than 20 lbs.

Q:    What information do I need to know when ordering an MTIS system?
A:    Type of axle. Wheelend lubricant (oil or grease). Tire pressure. Tire size. Number of axles

Q:    About how long to install the system?  Click here to learn more.
A:     4 man hours is average, but certified installers can do better.

Q:    What is the warranty?
A:     3 years or 500,000 miles from Meritor.

Q:    What type of trailer can the system be installed on?
A:     Any class 8 trailer.

Q:    Will the system perform in any climate?
A:    The system meets U.S. / NATO military specifications for climate conditions

Q:    Can the system be retrofitted?
A:     Yes.

Q:    Are any special tools needed?
A:    A press plug driver is required. These are available through distributors.

Q:    Any maintenance required?  Click here to learn more.
A:     Yes. Minimal maintenance checks.

Q:    Will the system drain the trucks air brake supply?
A:    No. Your air supply is protected by a pressure protection valve.

Q:    With the MTIS system can I still check my tires?
A:    Yes. The hose is easily removed from the thru-tee and can be checked on the knurled end.

Q    How much does it cost to spec onto a new trailer?
A:     Price depends on trailer OEM, but a tandem axle system pays for itself in under 12 months.

Q:    How much does it cost to retro-fit onto an older trailer?
A:    Again, price is dependent upon parts distributor quote. There are 4 man hours that must be included

Q:    Can I change my air pressure setting?
A:     Yes. The control unit does have an adjustable regulator that will increase or decrease your tire pressure.

Q:    Are there parts available for the system out on the road?
A:    Yes. All trailer and tractor dealers have availability to MTIS parts as well as most wholesale parts distributors.

Q    When I get ready to sell my trailer, does the MTIS system have value?
A:    Yes. Most dealers say there is a residual value of $150.00 to $300.00 on the MTIS system.