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Typical Standard Kit Contents for a Tandem Axle Trailer with Dual Tires

Typical Kit from PB.png
Typical Kit Chart.png

Specify a New or Retrofit Kit

If the axle was prepped at factory for P.S.I. Tire Inflation System, use prepped axle kit.

Please be prepared to provide the following information:

  • Axle Manufacturer

  • Spindle Series (“N” - Tapered, Or “P” - Straight)

  • Dual Tires or Single Tire (SS)

  • Wheel Size

  • Quantity of Axles (Single, Tandem, Tridem, Etc.)

  • Hub Material - Ductile Iron or Aluminum

  • Appropriate Style of Hubcap

  • Desired Cold Tire Pressure Setting

  • Hubcap Type or Wheel End Lubrication Type

NOTE: Hubcaps are not included in kits and must be ordered separately. When ordering hubcaps, please provide

appropriate style of hubcap and wheel end lubrication type.

NOTE: P.S.I. recommends a maximum of 4 axles per system. For configurations w/more than four axles, contact

customer support.

NOTE: For part number nomenclature explanation, see chart below.

Complete Kits for New and Retrofit Installation Applications

Complete and Partial Kit CHart.png

ATIS Trailer Kits

Trailer Kit Chart.png

ATIS Kit Nomenclature

In this example, we will use the Meritor TN/TQ, RN/RQ, Hendrickson HN, Dana/Eaton D22 Hollow Spindle with

Tandem Axles, Single Tire and Check Port Hoses.

NOTE: For non ThermALERT-equipped replace “P” prefix with “6” prefix for Series part #.

Part # Example : P1965-22-S-XX-CP

ATIS Part Number Example.png
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