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Inflationary pressure:
P.S.I. touts ATIS at fleet technology event


The Global Leader in Tire Inflation
 SINCE 1993. 


For most Fleets, payback happens in less than one year.

Extended tire Life

Extend tire life 10% by maintaining proper tire pressure at all times.  Tire casing integrity protected for retreading.

Better Fuel


Fleets can expect a 1.4% improvement or more in fuel economy.

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Since 1993, the term  P.S.I.  has become synonymous with 
Automatic Tire Inflation Systems (ATIS).  
When people
THINK about ATIS they SAY P.S.I.

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Combine ATIS with TPMS and TELEMATICS for your

PROVEN Sensors

Real-world, independent testing confirms that TireView sensors deliver significantly higher data reliability than the competition.


TireView offers complete tire management solutions for Trucks, Tractors and Trailers of ALL sizes and configurations.  Even works with existing ATIS!


Easy installation options on valves stems or internally mounted to the wheel.  Or use TireView Flow-Thru Brackets and Check Port (CP) Hoses.

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 TireView®  brings Tire Pressure and Temperature Monitoring

to all of your Tractor, Trailer or Commercial Vehicles -- from cross-country to final mile.

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TireView LIVE puts Comprehensive Data Analytics


TireView LIVE™ supplies tire analytics to your existing Telematics Provider, so no additional logins needed

TireView LIVE can also stand alone with cost-effective plans.

Tire Analytics

Customizable alerts and reports allow Fleets to make best decisions about tire management.

Cloud Access

TireView LIVE™​ allows commercial fleet operators to manage their tire costs for trucks and trailers, online, in real-time, from any computer or device that is connected to the internet. 

Fleet Data TireView® LIVE™ on iPad shutt

 TireView® LIVE™  brings your Fleet's Information directly to you
or your Telematics Platform for Comprehensive Data Analytics.  


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