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Did You Know?

Did You Know?
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PSI Overview Video
About ATIS

ATIS - "The Original Inflation System."

Since 1993,  P.S.I.  has become synonymous with Automatic Tire Inflation Systems (ATIS).  

When people THINK about ATIS they SAY P.S.I.  


Paybacks for most Fleets in less than one year. 


THINK Extended Tire Life:

Under-inflation results in increased and uneven wear. 
By maintaining tire pressure at all times, ATIS by P.S.I. can extend tire life by 10 percent.

According to TRIB (Tire Research & Repair Information Bureau),
proper inflation maintains casing integrity for retreading.


THINK Increased Fuel Economy:

According to a Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) study, ATIS by P.S.I. increases fuel economy by an average of 1.4 percent


THINK Reduced Maintenance Costs:

Tire manufacturers recommend checking tire pressure at least twice a month,
but with ATIS by P.S.I. tire pressure is maintained whenever your equipment hits the road.


THINK Improved Safety:

ATIS by P.S.I. significantly reduces the risk of tire blowouts and the potentially costly and dangerous consequences. Moreover, the Standard ThermALERT™ wheel-end heat sensing technology helps prevent wheel-end failures from heat build-up.


THINK Fewer Roadside Assistance Calls:

Tires are the top reason for costly service calls, many of which can be attributed to simple under-inflation.
ATIS by P.S.I. virtually eliminates those calls.


THINK Fewer Tire Violations and Fees:

The FMCSA monitors tire conditions and can impose fees on fleets that operate trailers with unacceptable

tires. ATIS by P.S.I. significantly reduces the risk of such fines.


ATIS - How it Works.

ATIS - World-class Components.

PSI Control Box

  A   P.S.I. Control Box

The patented "heart" of the system, the Control Box is factory set to your specifications, and with no moving parts can provide years of trouble-free service.  Air from the trailers's air tank is fed into the Control Box, filtered for impurities and then fed to the trailer axle(s) through DOT-approved air lines.

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MCB Open with Lid.png
PSI Air Line and Connections

  B   P.S.I. Air Lines & Fittings

The Pressure Protection Valve (PPV) attaches directly to the trailer air tank to supply air to the ATIS.  It is regulated to turn off at 80 psi, ensuring the at the braking system has top priority in terms of air supply.

DOT-approved air lines and push-to-connect fittings make for an easy and efficient installation.

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31163-00_1:4%22 TBG UNION TEE.png
PSI 90º Tubing Fitting.png
PSI 45º Tubing Fitting.png
PSI Press Plug

  C   P.S.I. Press Plug
with Standard ThermALERT™

The Press Plug is installed into the wheel ends (on hollow axles), and with the addition of the remaining ATIS components, essentially transforms the axle into an air chamber.  P.S.I.'s patented ThermALERT alerts you to elevated wheel-end temperatures.  If the temperature of the wheel-end elevates into a dangerous operating zone, the eutectic screw installed in the press plug will melt causing pressurized air to vent through the hub cap tee vent.  The Warning Light which is visible in the Driver's rear view mirror, allowing the driver to pull over to avoid a catastrophic event.  Air escaping through the hub cap vent will audibly identify the problem wheel end. See how ThermALERT operates here.

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P2202-01 Digital ThermALERT Plug-Top Vie
PSI Stator

  D   P.S.I. Stators Tubes

The Stator is installed into the Press Plug to accept the Thru-Tee ​when it is installed thru the Hub Cap.  A Particulate Filter ensures no contaminants are introduced to the systems.

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PSI Thru-Tee

  E   P.S.I. Thru-Tee

The only moving part in the P.S.I. ATIS, the rotary union Thru-Tee is threaded through the Hub Cap and ​into the Stator.  This allows air to flow from the pressurized axles, through the Tire Hoses and into the tires.

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PSI Thru-tee Dual Red Master copy.png
PSI Hoses

  F   P.S.I. Tire Hose

The Tire Hose is the final connection.  A highly-engineered component and integral piece of the ATIS system, our proven hose composition and quality manufacturing process ensures long-lasting performance in a variety of conditions.

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PSI Hose - INSIDE.png
PSI Hose - OUTSIDE.png
CP Hose - INSIDE.png
CP Hose OUTSIDE with Cap Sensor.png

P.S.I. Check Port (CP) Tire Hose

The available Check Port (CP) Hose allows you to check tire pressure instantly with a gauge or easily add P.S.I.'s TireView® TPMS Sensors for complete tire visibility in-cab or via P.S.I.'s TireView® LIVE™ telematics portal -- we can even integrate with your existing telematics provider!

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PSI Warning Light

  G   P.S.I. Warning Light

The Warning Light mounts to the front of the trailer using the supplied harness.  It alerts the driver of a low tire or wheel end thermal event via P.S.I.'s patented ThermALERT.  If the temperature of the wheel-end elevates into a dangerous operating zone, the eutectic screw installed in the press plug will melt causing pressurized air to vent through the hub cap tee vent.  The Warning Light which is visible in the Driver's rear view mirror, allowing the driver to pull over to avoid a catastrophic event.  Air escaping the through the hub cap vent will audibly identify the problem wheel end.

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Tractor Trailer with Warning Light.png

Combine ATIS with TPMS and TELEMATICS for your


TPMS - How it Works.

 TireView  is a PROVEN TPMS Solution by P.S.I., the Company that KNOWS Tires.

TPMS Sensors

TV Sensors Combo-2024.png

A “Sensor” is fitted to each tire, which transmits real-time tire information.

Signal Booster/Repeater


A “Repeater” boosts the signal from the sensors.

Displayed Alerts

MONITOR Hover Screen.png

Notifications on the In-cab Display or your Telematics System


TireView is adaptable to ANY brand of Truck,
Tractor or Trailer axle, whether OEM or retrofit.

Typical TireView Kit-2020.png


TireView® offers tire management solutions for Trucks,
Tractors and Trailers of all sizes and configurations.

Add TireView to your trailer ATIS for greater tire visibility and cost management.

Simplifies pre- and post-trip inspections to ensure your fleet is ready to hit the road.

Reduce tire-related inspection violations.


TireView detects fast or slow air leaks and alerts driver immediately.

In-cab display continuously cycles through all tire pressure and tire temperature readings.

High and low pressure and temperature parameters can be set to your specifications.



Real-world independent testing confirms that TireView sensors deliver significantly higher data reliability than the competition.

Our sensors alert you to a wide range of pressure and temperature events.

The included Repeater strengthens the signal from the sensors to the display, making sure you have complete tire visibility in various configurations and conditions.

70101-00 Combo View-2.png


Offers the easiest retrofit option.

Sealed for water resistance and longevity.  Installs on standard 8V1 valve stem.

70105-01 TireView Flow-Thru Sensor with Gator Cap.png


Easy retrofit option, great for front steer axles.

Add air without removing the sensor.

User-replaceable CR2032 battery.

Require metal valve stems.

70102-10 Internal Sensor QR Antenna-No Band-small.png


Rim banded sensors are installed in the wheel/tire assembly.

Secure and out of sight.

70105-00 TireView Flow-Thru Sensor on Front Steer-GH.png
Mining Truck for Web.png
70104-00 Large Bore Cap Sensor.jpg


Off-the-road (OTR) sensors offer an easy retrofit option for Mining and AG.  

User replaceable CR2032 battery.

Installs on 12V1 large-bore valve stem.



TV Truck ATIS Icons-Black.png


Check Port (CP) Hoses by P.S.I. integrate with ATIS-equipped trailers:

  • Check Port Hoses replace standard P.S.I. ATIS hoses, allowing the TireView cap sensor to be installed easily on your existing ATIS.

  • Installation time for trailers in as little as 2 hours (your configuration installation times may vary).

CP Hose OUTSIDE with Cap Sensor.png


Check Port Hoses by P.S.I. allow easy installation of Cap Sensors.



TV Truck Icons-744917713.png
PSI Flow-Thru Bracket R-series Dual Lerf
PSI Flow-Thru Bracket P-series wheel.png


Flow-Thru Brackets by P.S.I. provide easy installation for applications w/o ATIS:

  • Flow-Thru Brackets help protect sensors from damage and theft and are hub-odometer compatible.

  • Existing solutions for industry-standard wheel ends for drive and trailer axles.

  • P and N series trailer axles utilize the existing hubcap hardware.

  • Utilizes standard cap sensors.

  • Improves sensor management - keeps sensors in the correct tire position during tire maintenance.

  • Installation time for trailers in as little as 2 hours (your configuration installation times may vary).

PSI Flow-Thru Bracket P-series Sensor In
CP Hose - INSIDE.png


Our P.S.I. Check Port (CP) Hoses make it easy to add air by eliminating the need to remove
valve caps or hoses.

Fleet Data TireView® LIVE™ on iPad shutt

TireView LIVE puts Comprehensive Data Analytics


TireView LIVE How it Works


TireView LIVE™ supplies tire analytics to your existing Telematics Provider, so no additional logins needed. 

TireView LIVE can also stand alone with cost-effective plans.

Tire Analytics

Customizable alerts and reports allow Fleets to make best decisions about tire management.

Cloud Access

TireView LIVE™​ allows commercial fleet operators to manage their tire costs for trucks and trailers, online, in real-time, from any computer or device that is connected to the internet. 

TELEMATICS - How it Works.


Data can be delivered directly to your Fleet Manager through our TireView LIVE Portal,  your current Telematics Provider, or both*!

* Contact your Telematics Partner to explore TireView LIVE’s open API integration options.

Visit our dedicated TireView LIVE Page:

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