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Features and Benefits of the Meritor Tire Inflation System (MTIS) by P.S.I.

Proven ROI

Extended tire life:

  • Underinflation results in increased and uneven wear, which drives up the frequency of tire replacement. By maintaining tire pressure at all times, MTIS by P.S.I. can extend tire life by 10 percent.     

Increased fuel economy: 

  • MTIS by P.S.I. increases fuel economy by an average of 1.4 percent, according to a Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) study.  

Decreased maintenance costs: 

  • Tire manufacturers recommend checking tire pressure at least twice a month, but with MTIS by P.S.I., the time and effort spent on tire inspections decreases dramatically.   

Improved safety: 

  • MTIS by P.S.I. significantly reduces the risk of tire blowouts and the potentially costly and dangerous consequences. Moreover, the ThermALERT™ wheel-end heat sensing technology option helps prevent wheel-end failures from heat build-up.  

Fewer roadside assistance calls: 

  • Tires are the top reason for costly service calls, many of which can be attributed to simple underinflation. MTIS by P.S.I. virtually eliminates those calls.   

Fewer tire violations and fees: 

  • The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration monitors tire conditions and can impose fees on fleets that operate trailers with unacceptable tires. MTIS by P.S.I. significantly reduces the risk of such fines.


  • a value added option available on the Meritor Tire Inflation System by P.S.I.

Features & Benefits of ThermALERT:

  • If the temperature of the wheel-end elevates into a dangerous operating zone, the eutectic screw installed in the press plug will melt causing pressurized air to vent through the hub cap tee vent.   

    • An analogy of this feature would be the effect of fire or heat on a sprinkler head.  

  • The indicator light will come ON, there will be an audible sound at the wheel-end as air vents through the hub cap tee vent.  

  • Helps alert drivers to stop for repairs before serious damage occurs due to elevated wheel-end temperatures.

  • Helps reduce downtime, risk and operating cost. 

  • Gives the opportunity to inspect and repair components that caused the wheel-end to exceed normal operating temperatures before the trailer is put back into service to prevent serious personal injury and damage to the trailer components.



***Please note that the ThermALERT™ system does not alleviate the need to perform recommended wheel-end maintenance procedures***



Installation Applications

OEM installation:

  • MTIS by P.S.I. is available as an option at most OEM's on new trailer applications from on-highway dry van, to vocational models. 

Retrofit installation on existing equipement:

  • Installed on any type of trailer. 

  • Installed on any trailer suspension axle brand.

  • Most retrofit applications can be completed at or under 4 man hours. 

Learn how to retrofit by clicking here.