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70605-00 TireView Flow-thru Bracket for N-Series DUAL Tires

(*NOTE: BRACKET with BULKHEAD ONLY - Sensors, Hoses and Hardware are NOT INCLUDED)

TireView Flow-Thru Kits provide easy installation options for applications w/o ATIS:

  • Flow-Thru Brackets help protect sensors from damage and theft and are hubodometer compatible
  • Existing solutions for industry-standard wheel ends for drive and trailer axles
  • P and N-series trailer axle brackets utilize the existing hubcap hardware
  • Our P.S.I. Check Port (CP) Hoses make it easy to add air by eliminating the need to remove valve caps or hoses
  • Utilizes standard cap sensors
  • Improves sensor management - keeps sensors in the correct tire position during tire maintenance
  • Installation time for tractor/trailer combination in as little as 2 hours*

70605-00 TireView Flow-thru Bracket N-Series - DUAL Tires

SKU: 70605-00
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  • P.S.I. products are back by a 2-year warranty.  Please review the Warranty Statement documentation.

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