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P.S.I. Awarded SAMA 2023 Manufacturer of the Year

P.S.I. is proud to receive the San Antonio Manufacturers Association’s (SAMA) 2023 Manufacturer of the Year Award. It is a great honor to receive this award and could not have been done without our outstanding manufacturing team.

“SAMA's focus is being the advocate and voice of the manufacturing community in our region. That means our manufacturers have a story to tell. This next awardee certainly does. The 2023 Manufacturer of the Year is Pressure Systems International represented by CEO Tim Musgrave and VP of Manufacturing Mike McIver. 


P.S.I. started with a truly innovative concept of automatic tire inflation, commercializing a concept that was initially referred to as a gimmick. Over time, customers began to recognize the value it delivered and its low cost of ownership. They started a new global industry, and in North America ATIS is specified on approximately 70% of all new trailers. 


Since 1993, P.S.I. has equipped over 2 million trailers with their patented Automatic Tire Inflation System worldwide.”

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