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P.S.I. Geotab Marketplace Integration

TireView LIVE integrates with Geotab, providing real-time tire monitoring, analytics and tire management.

By Jason Morgan | Fleet Equipment

During a press conference held in conjunction with TMC’s 2024 Annual Meeting & Transportation Technology Exhibition, Pressure Systems International (P.S.I.), announced its latest offerings within the Geotab Marketplace.

TireView LIVE is now available within the Geotab User Interface (UI), allowing fleets a consolidated UI for complete tire visibility on all assets. Since 2019, TireView LIVE has been a data analytics portal that delivers proactive tire management. Utilizing the Geotab GO Device and Geotab IOX RS232F harness, TireView LIVE is a plug-n-play installation.

“This provides the ability to see their fleet’s tires at-a-glance, to understand root causes through the analytics of the stored data, which combines pressure, temperature, location, and other data for a more complete understanding. TireView LIVE is a fleet-wide solution for tire management,” said Craig Smith, vice president marketing and communications, P.S.I.

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