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Your Complete Tire Solution - TPMS

Celebrating 30 years of tire experience, P.S.I. is eager discuss the facts regarding complete tire solutions.

Others claim to be the “World Leader” in Tire Management.


P.S.I.’s TPMS has over 2.2 million sensors in the field. Our TST brand is the TPMS segment leader in the RV industry and is the FIRST manufacturer to be OEM Standard-equipped.

TireView has multiple sensor solutions available for Light, Medium and Heavy Duty Trucks, Tractors and Trailers, with or without ATIS. We can even monitor your air brake system health and wheel-end temperatures in real time.

While one manufacturer claims to be “the ONLY technology out there offering customizable alerts…”, we know there are several offerings in our industry that already do just that!

In fact, since 2017, TireView and TireView LIVE have been fully customizable, with Over-The-Air (OTA) alert threshold changes via our web platform or mobile app.

Our TireView LIVE platform is actively maintaining over 78 million data points and growing. This allows you to analyze tire performance history to make best maintenance decisions.

Visit us in booth 8079 to learn about solutions that keep your Fleet’s tires operating at maximum efficiency, today and into the future.

Speaking of the future, make sure you step across the aisle to visit Clarience Technologies in booth 7079, and see how we can bring Total Visibility to your fleet, with the Road Ready Advanced Telematics and its new Fus1on platform.

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