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It is official! Emilio Cerda Rico is a Certified Tractor-Trailer Driver.

Since 2018, Emilio has been a Technical Service Representative here at P.S.I., working on-site in San Antonio and in the field. He specializes in retrofitting, servicing, and training for our ATIS, TPMS and Telematics systems.  Emilio's go anywhere, go anytime attitude makes him a valuable asset for field work and customer installs. His mechanical expertise allows him to get the job done, whatever the challenge may be.

Emilio recently completed his Tractor-Trailer Driver TTD156 Certification at SAGE Truck Driving School. Congratulations Emilio! We are proud to have you on the P.S.I. Team!

We Salute You.

Emilio served our Country in the Marines as a Helicopter Mechanic from 2007 to 2012, earning the rank of Corporal, including 2 tours in Afghanistan. In the inset picture, he is with his squadron HMH-363 (bottom row, 2nd from left). Emilio, thank you for your service.

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