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San Antonio, TX (January 11, 2024) Pressure Systems International (P.S.I.) has merged TST into the P.S.I. organization with Jim Sharkey as president.

P.S.I. originally acquired TST in 2017.  Since that time TST has achieved a #1 position in the TPMS RV market, through product leadership and unmatched customer service.  In 2019 TST became the first in OEM-equipped TPMS for RVs, and one of the leading RV TPMS aftermarket suppliers in the industry.

The merger will further enable TST’s growth plans and will provide significant synergies with engineering, production, marketing, finance, and administration functions, and allow TST’s customer-facing functions to focus on its customers.  Subsequently, the TST operations and sales teams will continue to operate as they have.  The TST brand is well-known in the industry and will continue as a market-focused solution.

“This structural change will improve our ability to support our customers while bolstering the available resources to continue our growth.  We remain committed to our OEM and end-user customers in the RV market under the ‘TST’ brand.” Tim Musgrave, CEO.

About Pressure Systems International, a Clarience Technologies Company


Pressure Systems International (P.S.I.®) is the global leader in onboard tire management systems for commercial vehicles.  P.S.I.’s portfolio includes automatic tire inflation systems (ATIS) for commercial trailers, tire pressure monitoring systems (TireView® TPMS) and related (TireView LIVE™) telematics products.

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