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Your Complete Tire Solution - ATIS

Celebrating 30 years of tire experience, P.S.I. is eager discuss the facts regarding complete tire solutions.

Others claim to be the “World Leader” in Tire Management.


To date, P.S.I. has over 2 million trailer Automatic Tire Inflation Systems in use around the World. That’s over 8 million tires protected, traveling 600+ billion miles!

Our system airs up tires at initial hook-up and during pre-check and keeps them aired up while you drive. Some competitors require you to drive on a compromised tire to activate the system and fill the tire.

P.S.I. will also alert you when the system is in operation, without the addition of TPMS or Telematics.

Visit us in booth 8079 to learn about solutions that keep your Fleet’s tires operating at maximum efficiency, today and into the future.

Speaking of the future, make sure you step across the aisle to visit Clarience Technologies in booth 7079, and see how we can bring Total Visibility to your fleet, with the Road Ready Advanced Telematics and its new Fus1on platform.



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