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Is it time for smart trailer adoption?

By Faith Boone | Fleet Maintenance

Trailer tires are also a frequent reason for breakdowns and costly repairs, making them the low-hanging fruit of smart trailer’s bountiful tree of benefits.

Jake Martin, marketing support specialist at Pressure Systems International (P.S.I.), said being able to find tires that are low or leaking allows fleets to prevent tire and wheel end events while also reducing fuel costs due to low inflation.

“A properly inflated tire has less rolling resistance resulting in better fuel economy, which is not only better for fleet costs, but is also better for the environment,” Martin noted.

While almost any fleet can benefit from using connected technology, he said the value is enhanced for fleets that run long hauls, or time-sensitive or expensive cargo. Trailer fleets that don’t have their own drivers pulling the trailers also see a tremendous value in having visibility to their assets when not in their possession, such as lease fleets and trailer pools, he added.

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