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Under pressure: Fleets target tire efficiency in Alamo City

Annual Fleet Tech Event by P.S.I. and Meritor details tire inflation system benefits, delivers key OOS update and presentations by ATA, NACFE, CVSA leaders in San Antonio

By Jason McDaniel | Bulk Transporter

SAN ANTONIO, Texas—Pressure Systems International (P.S.I.) leaders estimate 75-80% of new trailers come equipped with an automatic tire inflation system, and 2/3rds of those are the Meritor Tire Inflation System (MTIS) by P.S.I. That’s an imposing market share P.S.I. expects to grow next year—and still tells only half of its success story.

The 30-year-old Texas-based company is well positioned to capitalize on upcoming legislation that requires all European trailers manufactured after July 2024 to feature automatic tire inflation or tire pressure monitoring systems, and many U.S. fleets still are retrofitting older trailers with MTIS systems to increase tire life and fuel economy and reduce costly breakdowns that leave drivers stranded on the roadside.

“We’ll likely start running it,” Joe Blankenship, FMC Transport fleet operations manager, predicted after attending the 2023 Fleet Tech Event hosted by P.S.I. and Cummins-Meritor Nov. 15-16. “We’ll probably do some retrofits to see how it works and go from there, and maybe start spec’ing the system on new tank trailers in the future.

“It has a lot more to offer than what we’re currently using.”

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